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Before and After Results of

Permanent Makeup

The Photos you will be viewing were taken immediately following a permanent cosmetics procedure.

Please keep in mind that Permanent Cosmetics look very dark, bold and very thick when first applied. The healed results are much softer and yeild a more natural subtle look.

During the healing process, the skin will exfoliate, leaving a muted version of the original color. This process takes place just days after the procedure.

In almost every procedure, clients look at their procedure, and regardless of being told that they will lose up to 30% of the color and thickness - they still worry that it will always be this dark - IT WONT!!

Relax and just trust that in a few days, it will be lovely. This is a challenge every client and every technician encounters - the very reason I encourage you to look at the healing of lips. Proof that in just a few days - things dramatically change.

Permanent Makeup, when done correctly, yields very natural and fabulous results. Application of Permanent Cosmetics is ideal for women that want to maintain a perfect cosmetic application. Imagine never worrying about your brows smudging away or your eyeliner leaving dark circles under your eyes. Imagine never worrying about your lipstick running up into those fine lines around your mouth or having an unhealthy look because your lip color has worn away. Permanent Makeup will change your life! Gone are the days of fretting over your cosmetics!! WAKE UP IN YOUR MAKEUP.

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