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Hi, thanks for sending these pictures, even in the pictures it is quite amazing. Well I made it through the rest of the day on Wed. and today Thurs. I had to work all day from 9-5 at Wood Visions and I survived. In fact I have had no pain or feeling of being beat up. LOL I put the ointment on and went to work. No one has said anything. At first like you said I thought that they were really thick and dark, but am getting used to them, and as you said they will be thicker and darker for awhile. But they are beautiful and I think they brighten up my face. I really appreciate the professionalism and the cleanliness of your shop and you were such a warm, caring, patient person. I was actually pleasantly surprised because I thought it would be way painful and terrible. I am sure I am going to love them. I will keep you posted. Perhaps I will stop in in a week or so and show you my new look. Thanks again.

Love Wendy

"I never imagined how reassuring it is to know that I look my best all of the time - I no longer worry about the embarrassment of my thinning eyebrows or my 'lipstick bleeding into the surrounding area of my mouth'..."and to never have to worry about putting on eyeliner. Carol Getz of Alberta Permanent Cosmetics has made me feel beautiful, more confident about myself than I have in years! When having the procedure done on my eyebrows, eyeliner and lips she made me feel at comfortable, safe and the atmosphere was inviting and spotless. I have recommended her to everyone I meet and will continue to do so in the future. All I can say is before and afters of yourself speaks volumes and I just want to say THANK-YOU Carol for making me feel Young and Beautiful…

Angie O.

You truly have mastered the art of making people look and feel good. You are simply incredible. Thank You so very much.


Thank You, Thank You!!!

You have made my life so much easier in the morning! Now I just get up and go!